Over the past decade, Salesforce has become one of the most powerful marketing solutions for businesses and large enterprises. The service has helped many new and existing companies to transform their marketing strategy, optimize their workforce, etc. 

However, even with the growing popularity of Salesforce, there is still a significant pool of businesses and entrepreneurs who are yet to tap into this goldmine. Every business owner has a plan and goals, which may not include incorporating Salesforce into their business.  

We understand you might be skeptical about the service or think you lack the cash to efficiently deploy Salesforce in your business. Luckily, this article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Salesforce and list the top ways it can help you grow your business. 

What is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is a company that develops cloud-based software designed to help businesses increase their reach, find more prospects, close out more deals, and improve their customer service.   

The service allows businesses to utilize cloud technology to effectively connect with their partners, customers, prospects, or potential clients. Salesforce partners list is grouped into three main categories; SAAS(Software as a Service), PAAS(Platform as a Service), and IAAS(Infrastructure as a Service). 

How can Salesforce Grow Your Business?

In the old days, running a business or an enterprise wasn't as complex as now. Back then, data was relatively small to handle, and customer service was pretty easy to manage. However, as the world grew in population, data gradually multiplied. This made managing businesses very stressful; you'd have to answer every customer complaint, maintain inventory, update stock, keep financial records, etc.  

However, CRM applications like Salesforce have provided easy solutions that help us automate our daily business schedule to help grow our business faster. Here are a couple of ways Salesforce can help grow your business: 

1. Reduces the Cost of Sales

When you're in business, you need to make sales to keep your business running; otherwise, you'd eventually go bankrupt; the more your sales, the higher your profit. However, getting deals constantly is the tricky part.  

If you have existing customers, selling new products is much easier than selling to a new customer. You've built up a reputation for your current customers, and they know what to expect from your services. 

But with a new client, you have to spend time and cash on advertisements, presells, and more marketing costs. According to Forbes, selling to a new customer is 5% to 20%, whereas the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60% to 70%. 

If you implement a service like Salesforce in your business, it will help streamline the cost of sales. If you have a product you'd like to try out, this software can help you map out a marketing strategy and help you cross-sell, upsell, and renew opportunities with your existing customer base, thus reducing the cost of making sales. 

2. Improved Customer Service

One key factor that influences a customer's purchase decision is customer service. They're more likely to buy from you if you handle your customer's objections and complaints very efficiently. Research shows that 52% of consumers purchase after a satisfying customer experience.  

Salesforce can help you efficiently manage your customer care department. It can automate calls, schedule, and forward calls to the most qualified employee. The software accesses your customer's purchase history to offer personalized solutions, building trust and paving the way for repeat purchases. 

3. Detailed Analytical Report

If you've been having trouble managing your inventory or your financial data, Salesforce can help lift that burden. Salesforce provides a complete overview of your business, marketing campaigns, inventory, employee performance, etc. 

Data is collated in real-time and displayed immediately, helping you monitor your business growth, cut off underperforming marketing channels, and predict future sales and challenges. Salesforce also provides you insight into your customer's behaviors, telling you products viewed and purchased the most and their interactions with your products and services.   

4. Centralization of Data

This is probably one of Salesforce's winning qualities. If you have multiple branches scattered in separate locations, the chances are that your data collation isn't always universal; there'll always be slight miscalculations or errors. 


The amount of data businesses handle grows every day, and it's only going to get bigger. Luckily, Salesforce provides businesses with a safe way to store and access all of their company data in centralized cloud storage.   

Any data stored on the server can be accessed globally, thereby reducing the need to keep large chunks of data in physical storage manually.  

5. Improved Employee Efficiency

Throughout the day-to-day business activities, there are certainly some repetitive tasks. These tasks are pretty easy to do but are dam tiring to continue repeatedly doing. Tasks like registering customer queries, invoicing, and ticketing, are all simple repetitive tasks that can easily be automated with a CRM software like Salesforce. 

Applying Salesforce in your business relieves employees of stress usually associated with performing repetitive tasks. Your employees can now put such time and energy into more important tasks. 


Running a business has never been this easy with software like Salesforce. The features and applications are limitless; you can go ham with it when you decide to implement it in your business. If you've had doubts about how well Salesforce can grow your business, this article has shown you a couple of ways to help scale your business in 2022.