Every rival in your industry wants to be at the top of the search engine results page that customers see when searching for key phrases. Although the techniques used by Google to rank all these results are a bit confusing, the SEO experts have come up with a few techniques to increase the Google rankings. Since Google's algorithm is ever-changing, it's essential to stay updated at all times.  

Millions of sites on the internet, but search engine results pages, or SERPs, are the most significant to digital marketers. Even though the digital marketing environment has expanded and new platforms have gained popularity, a high Google ranking remains one of the most effective strategies to get visitors to your website. According to internet statistics, the first organic results on the search page produce more than 67 percent of all clicks. 

Finally, if you have more visitors to your site, you have a better chance of converting them into new clients. You may also steal some of your rivals' prospective clients if you rank higher than them. So, without further ado, below are five valuable ways to improve Google SERP's ranking. 

Ways To Improve Google SERP's Ranking In 2022

1. Focus On Your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is among the most straightforward strategies for your business to improve your Google results in 2022. It consumes less time and also yields better results. In short, it refers to the features on the website's pages that you can optimize, such as page names, headlines, and graphics.  

On the other hand, off-page SEO focuses on increasing the relevance of a website for search engines by obtaining more backlinks. 

2. Use the Services of Niche Edits

Bloggers and businesses are always seeking new strategies to top the SERPs for their desired keywords so that they may benefit from Google's free organic traffic. Niche edits are one of the link-building tactics that have shown to be beneficial in improving a site's organic rankings. 

A specialty edit is a link put into an existing website article or page. Unlike guest posts, this sort of modification does not necessitate the creation of a new post. 

Thus, opting for a niche edits service provider is wise as they can help improve your rankings and are inexpensive to acquire, making them the ideal complement to guest articles for link development. In addition, this service will allow you to be mentioned in high-ranking publications, which will benefit your SEO and provide referral traffic to your website. 

3. Useful Backlinks

Links to your website from other websites are backlinks and are among the most critical criteria in deciding where a website ranks. To Google, a link from one site to another is a trust indicator, and the more high-quality backlinks a site gets, the more likely it is to be deemed an 'authority.' 

However, it is critical to distinguish between favorable and poisonous backlinks, as toxic connections can negatively influence your website's rating. In the past, many websites prioritized quantity above quality when it came to backlinks. As a result, backlinks were frequently purchased or placed on 'link farm' websites. Google saw this as a problem and implemented an algorithm update that penalizes sites that use this method. 

An excellent backlink is a link from one site to another that is relevant and high-quality. Backlinks should be naturally beneficial and exciting to the end-user. Infographics, for example, are a great type of information to allow other websites to link to. It's critical to remove and disavow toxic links that lower your authority score.

4. Start Using the Google Analytics

You've undoubtedly set up Google Analytics on the site if you're working on search engine optimization. So, have an idea about setting it up and utilizing it as soon as possible if you haven't already. Using this tool, you can track your website's conversions, traffic patterns, keywords, website speed, and other characteristics. It is among the best ways to increase the Google site ranking this year because Google creates it for the website administrators. 

Consider that Google needs the target market to have a smooth and trouble-free user experience on the internet. So, this technique has helped them become the world's most popular search engine. It indicates that Google favors the sites which provide better user experiences, allowing them to rank higher in the SERPs. Rapid load speeds, low bounce rates, extended dwell times, and high conversion rates indicate a great experience. All these measures suggest that the website is helpful to users and is available in Google Analytics. 

5. Mobile or Responsive Site

Mobile devices are used to do more searches currently than computers. Although it differs from one business to another, it has a significant impact on how the website ranks. Usually, if the site isn't mobile-friendly, Google will penalize you. In addition, if your site doesn't perform correctly or load faster on mobile devices, consumers will leave the area, affecting your ranking. The Google algorithm also considers the load speed, and hence, if the site takes a long time to load on mobile devices, this will eventually affect your ranking. 

Moreover, Google provides mobile help documents to help the web admins who haven't yet established their responsive site or a mobile site that rearranges information automatically for the mobile visitors.  


Search engine optimization can help you break down the barrier between you and your customers by using strategies to utilize Google's algorithms. The methods listed above should help you cover the essentials for improving your SEO strategy in 2022.