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The common Glossary that is related to women health is:


Amenorrhea – This is the term that refers to a lack of or maybe the end of the menstrual cycle.


Anovulation –This is the word used by professionals in the medical field when the woman's ovaries stop production or stop releasing the mature eggs.


Benign – This term is usually referred to as non-cancerous cell growth. 


Biopsy –It is a process followed in medical sciences in which they remove a small tissue sample in which they make use of a scalpel or a hollow needle.


Cerclage – This is referred to as the round row of the stitches which are set inside the cervix and are there to stop the dilation and ejection of the preterm fetus.


Cancer – This is known as an abnormal growth of cells that are capable of making their way into the nearby tissues and distant sites.


Labia – The labia is generally the skin fold which is located at the vaginal opening.


Dyspareunia – This is the type of condition in which there is pain in the pelvis or vagina during the following intercourse.


Estrogen – This is referred to as the set of hormones that are emitted by the ovaries. These are the hormones that usually affect the women's menstrual cycle. 


Lymph nodes – These are generally the small organs that usually store bacteria trapping cells. Lymph node clusters are generally located in the groin, underarms, neck, abdomen and chest.


Infertility – It is a type of condition when women cannot have children which means when a woman is infertile, she is unable to have children.


Menopause – It is the time when the menstruation cycle ends completely.


Menses – This is the term used for menstrual flow.


Ovaries – The ovaries are known as the woman's reproductive organs. They are present in the pelvis.


Ovulation – This is the condition when a woman's body releases mature eggs from one of the ovaries.


Transvaginal ultrasound – This is generally a type of  a test in which a transducer, a small gynecological instrument, is inserted into the vagina.


Speculum – The speculum is generally a piece of gynecological equipment. It is used to open the cervix and also to complete a pap smear.


Uterus – The uterus is referred to as the organ which is required to support the growth of the child. It is present between the rectum and the bladder.


Vagina – This is generally a canal that usually permits the passage of fluid, which is connected to the vulva and the cervix.