Whether it's your fifth anniversary or you want to surprise your loved one or spouse with a romantic gesture, love is something that should be honored. However, knowing how to communicate your love isn't always straightforward. Not only is it challenging to pick what to buy, but you also have to decide when to give it to them. 

Don't worry; we've got your back. Check out our post below to learn everything you need to know about romantic gift-giving in Auckland. 

  1. Flowers

Flowers have been associated with romance since Ancient Greece, thanks to the Greek Goddess of Love. They are still a favorite gift option for many couples nowadays. For flower delivery Auckland, always use a local florist known for their high quality and service. Reading online evaluations is one of the greatest and easiest ways to accomplish this. 

Significantly, consider the crimson rose. Aside from the color's iconic connotation, varying quantities of roses have connected meanings. A single red rose represents love at first sight, 12 red roses represent "Be mine," and 30 red roses represent loyalty. 

Although red is linked with love, passionate roses are not confined to this color. If you believe your partner would prefer a more colorful option, go for it. When doing so, you may wish to contemplate the symbolism of each color. As a result, traditional white roses represent new beginnings, pink roses symbolise admiration, orange roses represent passion, and cream roses represent contemplation. 

Similarly, love flowers aren't limited to roses. Varieties like seasonal tulips, exquisite lilies, and exotic tropical flowers are also excellent choices. 

  1. Paua Shell Ashtrays

The treated paua shell highlights the unusual assortment of brilliant blues, greens, and purples inherent in the shell. Paua shell ashtrays, in particular, are a traditional New Zealand gift you may find in many New Zealand households today. The ashtray is created from the entire shell and is the right size for an ashtray. 

The shell has not been manipulated, so it retains its natural shape and color. Paua ashtrays are a trendy kitsch present that you can obtain at most Auckland duty-free shops. 

  1. Sheepskin Rugs

New Zealand has more sheep than people, which has long been a source of amusement among New Zealand's close neighbors. Natural, undyed sheepskin carpets symbolize New Zealand's massive farming sector. Sheepskin rugs are incredibly soft, natural, and have a warm cream color. 

People are often astonished by how gentle they are. The rugs are handmade in the area, and each one is unique. They are available in various sizes, and many companies sell sheepskin rugs in vacuum packs that are tiny enough to fit into checked luggage.  

  1. Bone Pendants

Whale bone was frequently sculpted by New Zealand's indigenous Maori. Nowadays, bone pendants are mostly made of cattle bone. Bone pendants, carved in the shapes of many traditional Maori themes, are popular gifts for lovers.  

Most pendants come with a short card that explains the meaning of the pattern. A Maori koru, which resembles a twisted fern frond, represents new life and beginnings. A pendant in the shape of a twist represents the enduring nature of connections, family, and love. There is a relevant motif for everyone: strength, luck, new beginnings, love, or any other attribute.  

  1. Greenstone

Greenstone resembles jade in appearance, but in New Zealand, the stone is noticeably darker and softer. Pendants, kiwi sculptures, and even a tiny block of greenstone itself are popular greenstone gifts among the indigenous Maori. Because New Zealand greenstone (also known as pounamu) is so soft, it lends itself perfectly to a variety of exquisite gifts that exhibit its natural beauty while also expressing New Zealand's clean green image.  

The Auckland Museum houses one of New Zealand's most extensive collections of historic and culturally significant greenstone artifacts. After examining the exhibits, go to the museum store to take home your small piece of New Zealand greenstone. The most popular greenstone souvenirs include pendants and sculptures with Maori motifs and symbols.  

When should I gift my partner a romantic gift? 

Although you can surprise your lover with a romantic gesture at any time of year, specific dates are more appropriate than others. 

The first date is February 14th, also known as Valentine's Day. A box of chocolates or a bouquet will suffice if you've only been dating for a few weeks or months. 

After a year of dating, you'll most likely want to celebrate. As a result, relationship anniversaries are ideal occasions to offer your sweetheart a romantic present. It's up to you if you wish to commemorate the day you met, your first date, or when you became official. Try to be consistent each year so you're both on the same page. 

Another reason to indulge your loved one is their birthday. Although this is not a romantic event, romantic gifts make excellent birthday gifts. 

Additionally, if your partner has recently completed their university degree or received a promotion, why not reward them with a romantic gift? On the other hand, you can use a romantic present to cheer them up after a long week. 


So that brings us to the end of our list of 5 things to get your beloved in Auckland. We hope it was helpful, and we are convinced that the gifts will bring nothing but joy to all of the happy recipients back home. You can also take ideas for New baby gifts bubleblastte.com here.