A functional kitchen cooks meals. A jazzy kitchen cooks memories. Your kitchenette is one of the most used spaces in your house. Wouldn’t you want to turn it into a delightful place? A modern kitchen with modern furniture goes beyond space dimensions. It gives you the flexibility to paint the kitchen cabinets, adopt designer sinks and faucets, have an ingenious seating area, swanky wall tiles, and add some greenery and decor.

Budget can be a constraint in kitchen remodeling. However, you can do many things to make your kitchen look expensive without spending a fortune. Your sense of creativity and home décor skills can go a long way in making your kitchen a favorite spot. Here are some strategic ideas to convert your food preparation space into a classy and meaningful area. 

Put Up Some Art Pieces

A kitchen has the usual cabinets, countertops, and kitchen appliances. Everything may be set but for a unique twist. Put up digital downloads of food décor themes and graffiti on the kitchen walls to give your kitchen a smart and tasteful makeover.  

Look for vintage-inspired fruit prints or frame menus from your favorite restaurants and bars you picked up in your business or leisure travel. Simple décor touches like these will make you smile and increase your enthusiasm as you complete mundane cooking tasks. Add artifacts to your dining table to make it look more exciting and eye-stopping.

Enhance Your Kitchen Lighting

Light fixtures are an impactful way to make a kitchen look more expensive. Explore large gold lantern pendants or chandeliers to elevate your kitchen to wow appeal. Place a mini lamp on your countertop or beside a stack of cookbooks to give lighting fixtures a modern twist.

As a rule of thumb, install ambient lighting fixtures in the kitchen center. If you have a breakfast counter, consider pendant lighting. LED light bars give a modern twist to your kitchen space. They evoke a higher quality of light that reduces heat and reveals kitchen color better. It lasts longer and is more durable than traditional lighting.

Make A Bar Station

The days of stashing alcohol bottles on top of your refrigerator are over. A curated bar area is an upscale way to make your kitchen look and feel upmarket. Put up liquor and wine bottles, stemware, and other bar tools and accessories.

If you entertain your friends and guests frequently, assign a small drawer to keep cocktail napkins, coasters, paper straws, and miscellaneous items. Putting your mind to these celebratory touches will make even the spontaneous happy hours feel more luxe. Add some fresh or decorated plants to the bar station for a green and inviting look.

Organize Kitchen Like A Pro

Unsightly, cartons, and boxes ruin the kitchen look. Transfer coffee grounds, spices, snacks, and cereals into aesthetically pleasing jars. Go the extra mile by printing out labels to keep track of every edible item you have placed in a jar. Also, you should keep the right amount of cups to avoid waste.

Keep cooking and baking pieces close to the area of food preparation. Make a tea or coffee station and include sugar, mugs, and serving spoons. Throw away expired or unused spices and uncooked food items from your pantry. Organizing kitchen cabinets can help extend the shelf life of food items and streamline cooking. Use cabinet dividers to make kitchen items easy to spot.

Redo Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen floors play a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics. Materials such as ceramic tiles, laminate, or vinyl can enhance the kitchen environment. Consider resale value when selecting floor materials, as a cheap flooring option can lower your home’s commercial value.

Explore natural and recyclable floor materials like wood, natural stone, and cork for our environmental benefit. Choose a local wood species or local stone to reduce the carbon footprint. Invest money in durable floors as longevity is the best way to keep your floors looking spic and span. Follow the tile manufacturer’s recommendations to protect your floors from stains and discoloration. Consider durable and easy-clean flooring for your cooking space.

Introducing Some Stools

Upgrade your kitchen into a chic bar by night and a cozy breakfast corner by morning, with head-turning stools. Stools can promptly add oomph to a dull and uninspiring space in the modern ambiance requirements. Stools are also a functional addition to a small or large kitchen and provide extra seating while serving as a pleasing design statement.

Allow enough legroom in the kitchen space for stools to show their significance. Go for round stool shapes for a homely and relaxed feel. If you don’t have a kitchen island to tuck your stools, think about a tall and sturdy trolley table as an option. In a neutral kitchen with white walls and cabinets and off-white or gray floors, spice things with flashes of bold color.

Revamp Your Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash colors and presentation can make the cooking space more inviting and appealing. A designer backsplash makeover doesn’t have to command a designer budget. Consider overlaying your existing kitchen wall tiles with mosaic stickers for a classy Bohemian spin.

Tile stickers are compatible with rented accommodation and work best when you wish to change your kitchen look in the future. They are easily peelable and allow design flexibility on tiles. There are exciting backlash options in the urban context–choose lush green foliage, install a statement light, display your crockery pieces, or go for a gold and white color combination.

The Takeaway

Upgrade your day-to-day kitchen products by putting a chic soap dispenser, fresh dish towels, best quality sink, and faucets and having utensil cabinets open at a button. This will bring smart convenience to the kitchen tasks and highlight your kitchen management skills. You can also refer to this website for best interior design.

Browse the internet and housekeeping magazines for kitchen upgrade inputs. Mix metals such as stainless-steel appliances with brushed brass plumbing fixtures to give your kitchen a curated feel instead of a store-bought impression. Dress up your kitchen gadgets like microwave, dishwasher, and cooking range with a pop of color for a delicious twist.