Becoming a notary public may be a reasonably straightforward method to generate additional money with little work, provided you’re prepared to verify the identities of people signing official papers.

If you’ve finished your notary certification, you may be contemplating how to turn your freelance business into a full-time income stream. You’ve probably heard that notaries can earn six figures, and you want to be one of them.

So how to get maximum success from your notary business? Understanding how to advertise your company, broaden your services, and strengthen your credentials through specialized training is crucial to success. But wait, that’s not all!

Read on to know several methods and tricks to get an advantage in the notary business that’ll help you earn more money in the long run.

How To Earn Extra Income As A Notary? 

Promote Your Services Locally

Printing business cards and fliers at neighborhood establishments is one option to promote your business. Another alternative is to create a website to have an online presence and advertise on Facebook and in local google or Bing results for terms like “notaries near you.”

After all, your neighbors need to realize that you’re a notary. You may use social media, search engine inquiries, phone book entries, and local adverts to spread the word about your online notarizations.

You may want to put advertising at the following local businesses

  • Accountants
  • Firms of lawyers
  • Engineering companies
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Public libraries

If a company has a stand or bulletin wall with other local companies’ business cards, see if you may leave a stack of your own. Also, don’t forget to inform your friends since word-of-mouth promotion is frequently quite powerful.

Remind Your Current Customers About Your Availability

You may think that reminding your customers about your availability could irritate them. But, it is an excellent method to keep your business in front of those hiring people.

Notaries who are accessible for signings may drop an email weekly, if not more, to let people know they are available. Some people will even contact to see if an individual has anything available in their region. By doing so, people would know they want to work, and if they ever need a notary nearby, they’ll remember your name and contact you first.

It’s essential to get your name out there and tell people what sectors you cover in this profession.

Prospective Client Cold Calling

Look for title firms and signing services on the internet. Make it a practice to call at least five new people every day. You will notice that it is highly beneficial if you continue this technique every day and keep persistent. Inquire who is in charge of arranging notaries for closure and how they may include you in their list.

If you keep to this plan, your phone will be ringing off the hook with more signing requests than you can manage. For some individuals, cold calling is difficult, but the more you practice it, the simpler it becomes. As firms come and go, don’t stop cold contacting after gaining customers.

Transcription of Depositions and Court documents

You can prepare and notarize witness statements and affidavits if you’re also a legal transcriptionist. Instead of going to trial, witnesses might submit a deposition to speed up the process.

Maintaining the legal process’ credibility requires certifying their testimony. This will help you boost your business.

Charge The Highest Possible Notary Fee

You earn money as a notary dependent on the number of papers you need to sign unless your day job requires you to be a qualified notary public. As an independent notary, you must maximize the value of each document.

This is why charging the maximum allowable amount per document is critical.

Since you might only ask for a few dollars for each paper, there will be a little price rivalry, and the customer will not fight. Unless their bank provides free notary assistance, they will pay the same amount you charge with another notary.

Work Even On Holidays

Weekends and holidays are when some notaries earn the most revenue. The bank and other local businesses are shut these days. People could opt for independent notaries like you since they can’t wait a day or two for their usual registrar to show up to work.

Become Mobile

You mustn’t only work in a particular place as a notary. You may charge an extra $50 or $75 to see your client if you have a vehicle and are prepared to drive with your notary equipment.

Since you’re compensated for the efficiency of your services and the regular notary fees, you may earn close to $20 per hour as a notary.

Notarize Electronic Documents

If you’re a public notary, you may use several apps to notarize electronic documents and get paid for them. You may notarize papers for consumers from any state, even if you reside in some distant place.

Before notarizing the papers, you will have to video conference with the customer to verify their identification.

In conclusion

Even though the amount of money you may charge for each document is limited, there is always a need for notaries. Just a couple of these approaches are well worth the time and effort and can help you strategically build your organization.