Stress makes the body uncomfortable due to the excess release of cortisol, the stress hormone. This puts the body into a fight or flight stage. As a result, one needs to consider practical ways to keep the stress level down and improve the mood.  

Various people have unique coping mechanisms for stress. Even though binge eating, alcohol, and isolation might provide temporary relief for some, it is not sustainable and doesn't address stress in the long run. As a result, one needs to consider helpful and effective ways to reduce stress.  

Building your life and habits around these stress reduction techniques can help. It will ensure you get a better ability to handle stress so that it doesn’t get the best of you.  

This article will explore five things you can do to limit stress and lift your mind: 

Practice Visualization 

The body and mind work in sync. As a result, one will likely respond to stimuli perceived the same way one will react to a real one. This is why people experiencing panic attacks will behave and react as if they have a real threat before them. Interestingly, one can harness and use this to foster relaxation. With the power of the imagination, you can trigger calmness that will bring down your stress level.  

Close your eyes, and get yourself into any comfortable position. Create a relaxing scene in your mind and make it detailed. It can be an outing with your friend where you had fun with lots of laughing. Alternatively, it can be an outing on the beach with your favorite glass of wine and the ocean breeze caressing your skin.  

If your anxiety stems from an oncoming event that gets you worked up, create that event in your head with the desired and positive outcome. Your confidence level will indeed be upgraded.  

Use Kratom 

One can also employ some natural substance to lift the mood and relieve stress; Kratom is one such substance with an incredible healing effect that can stabilize the mood. The alkaloid content of Kratom can reduce stress and improve a user's perspective.  

Red vein kratom can help lower anxiety and stress levels. This Kratom stands out thanks to its incredible corynoxine A and B alkaloids which fight anything hindering dopamine production.  

Dopamine is one of the happy hormones in charge of mood and emotions. Red vein kratom can boost the mood by making dopamine available, reducing stress and anxiety. The relaxation effect from this strain lasts longer and is potent. Ensure you get red vein kratom from Bali for optimum effects.  

Have a Massage

Another relaxation tip that can make you feel good, dissipate tension and negative energy from you is massage. Stress might result from tension in various body parts – like the joints and muscles. Massage, however, helps release such tension, which helps improve flexibility. The circulation of oxygen to different body parts increases, which dissipates tension.  

Massage exists in different types to reduce tension and make the person feel good. Combined with essential oil, it can lift the mood and make you happy. You might not have the luxury of visiting the massage parlor, but you can try it at home with your friend or partner. Have them massage your back, hands, and shoulders. One can also attempt self-massage using a massage ball. Investment in a massage chair is also a terrific idea if you can afford it.  


Laughing automatically lifts the mood and improves your spirit, thereby dissipating stress. As a result, laughing is a trusted and potent tool to help burst stress and lift your spirit. Laughing dissipates tension in various body and muscle parts present in the body. According to research, your mood improves, boosting your immune system.  

When you laugh, it increases the intake of oxygen-rich air, which stimulates the lungs, muscles, and heart—also, the production of endorphins increases which automatically improves mood. Consider hanging out with funny friends, go to Instagram for some hilarious clips, watch an episode of your favorite sitcom, etc. These tips can improve your mood.  

Go Outside

Strive to get the early morning vitamin D from the sun. According to research, it can boost your level of serotonin and other feel-good hormones. Also, when you are outside, amidst nature, it improves your mental health and boosts your mood.  

According to research, simply watching a large expanse of green grass can calm your nerves and reduce stress. Sadly, many people do not have access to such green scenery again these days.  

In addition, spend time watching the birds and enjoy the breeze blow on your skin – it can also lift your mood. The change of scenery and the fact that you left your comfort space gives your mind something else to focus on, which could reduce stress and improve the mood.  

For people who don’t have the time to spend outdoors, consider bringing nature inside with you. Adding some indoor plants can lift your mood and also reduce stress levels.  


One needs to find a perfect solution to stress to prevent the aftermath of degenerating into health issues and other things that can make life uncomfortable. This article has explored several techniques with which you can manage stress, improve your mood and avoid the aftermath of excessive stress.