Choosing a suitable business idea based on profitability is never a walk in the park. You've got to brainstorm hundreds of suggestions and then sift through them to hone in on the most viable ones.

Fortunately, you need not be an investment expert to find a profitable business plan. A little research is usually all it takes to uncover lucrative ideas.

You may be surprised to discover that many profitable business ideas are only hidden in plain sight. You only need to look in the right direction.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the most prudent way to invest your money. Listed below are the five most lucrative investment ideas to consider in 2022.

Cannabis Consultancy

Cannabis has garnered immense recognition in the recent past, mainly due to its numerous pharmacological applications. According to recent projections, global marijuana sales might hit $45.9 billion in 2025. These statistics are the main reason behind the current global cannabis green rush.

One reason to become a cannabis consultant is that it offers a hands-off approach to investing in this lucrative industry. As a consultant, you won't be handling cannabis goods directly, which is excellent considering that the herb is still criminalized in numerous countries.

Another reason to become a weed consultant is that you can gear your business towards growers, producers, and users alike. For instance, you can publish informative guidelines on variety of feminizing seeds to help marijuana cultivators hone in on the best seeds. Your consultancy firm can also inform cannabis users on various aspects of marijuana, such as its health benefits, side effects, delivery methods, dosing requirements, and legality.

Internet Connection Business

The one valuable lesson we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that most of us can work from home if the situation calls for it. You no longer need to be a freelancer or digital nomad to enjoy the flexibility of working from a remote office.

Now, stable internet connectivity is one of the essential requirements for remote workers. This demographic is among the most frequently targeted by internet service providers (ISPs).

As with any business opportunity, excelling as an internet service provider requires adequate market research. There must be a dire need for an internet connection and a sizable population willing to pay for it. You can know about profitable business ideas here.

Of course, there are additional tips you can implement to stand out from your competitors. Examples include offering round-the-clock support and hacker-proof security features.

Investment Consultancy

As the world reels from the effects of COVID-19, and now with the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the one question that's on the lips of most people is – how do I safeguard my wealth? If you're an investment expert, now is to capitalize on that confusion.

Start by getting licensed. Then, marshal the necessary resources and set up your investment consultancy firm.

A brick-and-mortar office isn't necessary if you can't afford it yet. There's always the option of going online.

Most importantly, offer sound financial and investment advice. You can lend more credibility to your business by getting some of your works peer-reviewed.


Blogging ranks among the most lucrative ways to make money online. What makes blogging such an attractive business idea is its low startup cost. To get started, you simply require a laptop or smartphone, an internet service provider, and the topics to blog on.

When choosing a blogging niche, the conventional wisdom is to select topics you're most passionate about. That ensures you never run out of content. Some popular blogging niches you might explore include;

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Health and fitness
  • Love and relationships
  • Travel and tourism
  • Art and music
  • Real estate
  • Personal finance
  • Personal security
  • Business and investment
  • Energy efficiency/Home automation
  • Self-improvement
  • Life and wellness
  • Interior design
  • How-to guides and instructional content (particularly popular on YouTube)
  • Politics and religion

The next step is choosing a hosting platform. Of course, there's the option of blogging directly from your social media accounts. You can select Facebook for text-based blogging, Instagram for photo-based blogging, or YouTube for video-based blogging (vlogging). However, experts still recommend hosting your blog.

Hosting your blog gives you flexibility regarding the content you can post on the site. It also guarantees the safety of your blog on the internet. Cases abound where Facebook and YouTube users woke up to the sad discovery that their channels were banned from these platforms, usually without sufficient justifications.

Lastly, remember that the highest-paid bloggers didn't strike a fortune overnight. Success in blogging requires patience and consistency.

Organic Food Business

The past few years have witnessed a growing awareness of the adverse effects of processed foods. That awareness has triggered a corresponding increase in the interest in organic foods, making the organic food business one of the most lucrative sectors.

To excel in this business, you'll need to start by understanding the concept of organic food production. These are foods produced without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Organic foods are also free from synthetic additives. Besides, most of these foods undergo less intense refining.

Since organic foods tend to be costly, targeting your business to the working class is essential. Prime target locations include hospitals, schools, and government offices.

Wrap Up

No matter how lucrative a business idea may sound, adequate research is still required. The research will help you establish whether there's actually a gap in your target market.