To find your prince charming or beautiful homemaker is not an easy task. Although there are matrimonial sites and word-of-mouth to count on, the definition of a good life partner varies depending on individual interests, likes, dislikes, and preferences. There is no ‘one size fits all’ deal when you settle down. 

To get a perfect pick in a prospective bride or groom, you need to comb through different interests and opinions, life goals, and willingness to shoulder marital responsibilities. There is no magic potion to find a perfect partner. Here are some relevant tips you need to keep in mind when looking for an ideal life partner

Check Family History 

When choosing the eligible half for yourself, it is essential to know the quality of the relationship of your potential bride or groom to his/her family. Find out how accepting or forgiving your prospective partner is in family and personal matters and nature and temperaments. Finding an ideal match is not as simple as just doing a search for singles near me. Once you find someone you have chemistry with, you will need to answer some more serious questions: 

  • Do they have any long-term health problems in the family, like kidney disease, heart disease, lung problem, diabetes, or bleeding disorder? 
  • Any serious illnesses like osteoporosis, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, or genetic disorders? 
  • Are the illnesses under control? How were they treated? 
  • Also, ask questions from the prospective partner’s relatives on nationality or citizenship of the close and distant relatives. 
  • Have there been any health problems with late relatives? When were the ailments diagnosed and treated?  

Find About Past Relationships 

Before saying yes to a marriage proposal, it is essential to determine your prospective marital candidate’s relationship history. Find out details of the friendship/relationship your better half had or currently has. See if they have ever taken responsibility for failed relationships in their life. The quality of the relationship should be maintained.

Dig into the past relationships of your eligible partner to know about their emotional involvement and sensitivities. Do they speak of past lovers in an offensive tone, such as ‘He was a nutcase’ or ‘She was bad at handling home duties?’ 

Such things may be true, so you need to find out the positive and weak points of the eligible boy and the girl at a deep level. Attempts to know what went right and wrong in the affair go sour so that the same mistakes don’t get repeated in the new marital bonding.  

Assess Intellectual Intimacy 

When two young people get married, they may not be mature enough to look at their future. Sometimes marriages suffer when one partner is intellectually superior to the other, and the other person cannot keep up with the pace. The conversations between them fade away. As a result, two people lose interest in each other and may have little to keep them close. 

Having a similar educational background, like-minded interests, and shared goals may bring the two partners to an at-par level and grow together intellectually. The same level of emotional quotient helps in developing greater intellectual intimacy. One partner may come with emotional baggage. If one of the two has better resilience and coping skills, they will relate emotionally as a partner and help each other. 

Choose Someone You Can Laugh With 

A sense of humor is vital in life. It helps you lead your life in a light-hearted way and also encourages you to pass the tragedies. If one person cracks a joke and the other does not get the message, it can cause awkward moments between the two people. Marriage to such a person who doesn’t respond to the laughter situations and cheerfulness can cause cracks in the relationship. 

When searching for your better half, find someone who will help you laugh more and not stay conservative all the time. One of the godly tips on selecting a life partner is when your other half adds to laughter and memories. That’s what makes a happy couple! 

Respect is Crucial Too 

When you settle down, you will spend your entire life with one person. Whether finding a decent home for yourself or going out for movies, dinners, and vacations, your likes and wants need equal space and respect. While the two people in a marriage may have contradicting views about lifestyle needs and fulfilments, one person should be flexible to adjust and accommodate others’ wishes. 

Respect is one of the foremost things that keeps a relationship alive. In a relationship, developing respect for each other is more important than just love. Mutual respect helps a marital relationship sail through the difficulties of life. Maintain transparency and create healthy boundaries when you tie a knot. A gesture of respect for the other will naturally earn you respect.  

Wrapping Up 

If you need help deciding the right life partner for yourself or your friend, consider talking to a premarital counselor for help and a way forward. Besides intellectual closeness, you must keep space for sexual compatibility too. 

While looks are important in choosing a life partner, you must also look for financial security and shared values to make a marriage last. Take your time, and things will fall into place.